Roads are integral part of any Urban landscape. They provide intra-settlement accessibility, inter-settlement connectivity and mobility to all the nodes present in and around the settlement. It reflects how well our urban areas are connected to each other and the accessibility of a particular urban land parcel. In cities, among the hierarchy of roads, there are some roads which act as Artery or Lifeline for the city, which we have termed as Arterial Roads. The term 'Arterial Road' itself gives an image of a road which carries basic needs and supply within the city. These roads provide access and connect major nodes of the city as well as act as a network for infrastructure i.e. Water Pipelines, Sewage Lines, Electricity and all. Clearly, availability of arterial roads is a strong indicator of quality of life for the residents of a city because these arteries allow people to get access to major nodes within an optimum time period and also ensure the possibility of accessing the basic infrastructure. We have analyzed the arterial road grids of 200 world cities and below are a few examples.